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CD-ROM 1. Keyboard Foundation
CD-ROM 2.  Keyboard Improver
CD-ROM 3. Play Piano
CD-ROM 4. Enjoy Playing Piano
CD-ROM 5. Virtuoso Piano Trainer

Publisher: Topic Entertainment
Operating System: Windows
Item Upc# : 781735805145
Mnfg. Part No#: LE-591505585
Model: CS-514s
Description :.

•This program is split into five main stages through which you gradually learn/progress:
1.Keyboard Foundation:
■Learn how to read music and notation.
■Develop basic keyboard technique.
2.Keyboard Improver:
■ With more than three-dozen lessons to take your keyboard skills to the next level, Keyboard Improver heightens confidence in reading and co-ordination, featuring practice tutorials in solo and duet play.
■ Reinforce the skills learned in 'Keyboard Foundation'.
■ Practice playing with both hands simultaneously.
■ Introduce yourself the art of duet playing.
3.Play Piano:
■ Specifically practise left-hand parts.
■ Improve your bass clef reading.
4.Enjoy Playing Piano:
■ Develop your skills with solo practice pieces.
5.Virtuoso Piano Trainer :
■ Perfect your technique with exercises and scales for Grades 1-5.

•Various multimedia teaching methods are employed throughout the course:
◦Videos - full screen and slow motion.
◦Backing tracks - can be looped and played at variable speeds.
◦Interactive notation.
◦Piano animations.
◦Left-hand/Right-hand Mixer - learn each hand part separately.
◦Sheet music printout ability.
◦Professional tips and advice.

Self-paced instruction from practice to performance

Hit the right note for rapid, flexible, computer based piano instruction with Instant Play Piano Deluxe, the 5 CD-ROM software suite featuring full sheet-music printout capability. Keyboard Foundation offers a comprehensive beginner's guide to the piano, covering everything from reading musical notation to basic keyboard skills. Let your fingers do the walking to the next level with the aptly titled Keyboard Improver, as it reinforces previous lessons and introduces technique for two-handed play and duets. Play Piano builds on the basics with an array of piano parts for your left hand, intricate solo exercises, and bass clef reading drills. Build your piano repertoire with the rich assortment of solo pieces included in Enjoy Playing Piano. Finally, use a modern CD-ROM approach to tackle classical exercises and scales with the help of Virtuoso Piano Trainer. From chords to the classics, get into the swing of results-oriented keyboard literacy, with Instant Play Piano Deluxe on CD-ROM

Instant Play Piano Deluxe is inspiring CD-ROM piano instruction for aspiring pianists

Keyboard Foundation

Feature-packed learning in over forty lessons, Keyboard Foundation is the interactive musical basics primer. From reading to rhythm, technique to two-handed play, it's the perfect tutorial for novices desiring to build their musical understanding, confidence, and solo playing ability.

basic music lessons 40+ interactive
Professional instruction videos with full-screen & slow-motion

Keyboard Improver

With more than three-dozen lessons to take your keyboard skills to the next level, Keyboard Improver heightens confidence in reading and co-ordination, featuring practice tutorials in solo and duet play.

40+ lessons to sharpen music reading & 2-handed playing abilities
Variable-speed MIDI practice tracks for self-paced learning
Interactive feedback to correct keyboard errors

Play Piano

Let your left hand know exactly what your right hand is doing with Play Piano, your next step in progressive keyboarding skills. Introducing complete left-hand piano parts and technique fundamentals, as well as a wide assortment of solos to strengthen bass clef reading ability, Play Piano expands upon your core keyboard facility.

Piano animations show what notes to play
Left-hand/Right-hand Mixer lets you learn hand play separately before combining

Enjoy Playing Piano

Expand your piano repertoire with this outstanding collection of impressive solo pieces.

Practice loops to help you perfect difficult passages
Piano animations show current and upcoming notes in each piece

Virtuoso Piano Trainer

Get on track to speedy technique improvement with Virtuoso Piano Trainer, the interactive software tool offering a modern approach to classic scales and classical methods.

Variable-speed tracks for learning at your own pace
Left-hand/Right-hand separation and mixing
Metronome for tempo control

Bonus: Step One: Play Piano DVD

A 30-minute video lesson teaching all the basics, featuring expert demonstrations and professional back-up tracks.

Windows 98, Me, XP
Pentium 233MHz or faster processor
64MB or more of RAM
95MB or more of Hard Drive space
16-bit color screen, 800 x 600 resolution or higher
16-bit or higher SoundBlaster compatible Sound Card
Internet access required for activation and updates.

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