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  • Our most of the items are here specially for TECHNICAL Persons and means to supply cheep solution to ease there repair tasks.
  • If you you are buying here keep in mind items can be Broken, Missing parts and accessories and may have more problem then mentioned as we do not full tested and we are not repairing any item if it is repaired it can be from whom we bought we just buy and sell only.
  • If you did not understand please ask before buying read each individual product page do not assume any thing not mentioned in description it is final sale no return or refund and please do not complaint after buying as we are not selling working items.
  • If Item is heavy and big Then Most of the items are here for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY if you want to get shipping quote please Contact Us
  • Our adapters and power supplies are not include separate power cord as it can increase shipping cost and power cords are very common and very cheap that you can find locally very easily.
  • If you got with power cord you should appreciate as it will consider bonus.
  • If you did not get power cord please buy locally or use your old one and please do not complaint.
  • Please be patience some time delays happen mostly from shipping carrier we do not have any control on shippers but we guaranty you will not loose any thing sooner or later you will get your item or we will send replacement free of charge. 
  • We always at your services and try to resolve any possible situation and work out with you.
  • You are always welcome to Contact Us for any problem you face with your order.
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